Another day, another sunrise!

Looking out the window before dawn at the clouds this morning, even with the lack of colour, I was certain that there was good potential for a really nice sunrise again.

So I left the house around 5.45am while the clouds were still grey, and got down the river with Willow as the first sign of colour started to rise on the horizon.

It wasn't long before the pink and red started to spread like fire across more and more clouds creating a beautiful sunrise.

As the colours deepened and then started to fade back to orange prior to the sun rising, it was quite amusing to see Canada Geese arriving on the scene. Initially just the one, but then another two joined it, which I'm convinced are the same three birds that took part in the photo session yesterday morning!

It definitely was another special morning and as the sun started to break through the distant cloud it was time to take one more photo before giving Willow some running and training.

On the return walk back to the car it looked like the new leaves on this Oak tree were painted in gold as they caught the golden hour sunlight. 


By now the clouds were starting to thicken and it wasn't long before you would have never guessed it was such a stunning sunrise!