While Dog Walking Near Eton Wick

Having a German Shorthaired Pointer that needs her daily training and exercise forces me to get up and out early during the week. As the mornings start to get lighter, instead of the entire walk being in darkness I now get opportunities to experience dawn and the sun rising - weather permitting!

It feels like so many mornings this winter have been overcast or wet, yet some chances have arisen to take the camera and tripod with me and capture some special moments.

This first photo was taken on a very cold, clear sky morning. Frost lay on the hardened ground as dawn broke with great colours

Dawn is definitely my favourite time of the day, although the body doesn't always agree when the alarm goes off! Experiencing the richness of the colours before sunrise with the stillness of the surrounding countryside is a great way to start the day.

On another cold frosty morning, as I came around the edge of the field I noticed a security light on a nearby house shining through the tall grasses. I thought it provided an added element of interest to make up this panoramic view. This is taken with three separate photos.

After so many mornings that started cloudy, this past week broke the pattern with a couple of days in a row that made me glad I took the camera with me.

The following set of photos give a taste of how one of those days started!

Here's hoping for many more similar opportunities!