The haar and cloud inversion - Isle of Skye

This particular morning I had set the alarm at 3.45am and then 5.00am, each time checking the views outside to see whether it was worth venturing out early. On both occasions it looked like the weather wasn't going to give a decent sunrise, so I drifted off to sleep.

Waking again just after sunrise, I noticed what appeared to be sunlight on the tree outside and lay there half asleep working out whether it was the sun or not! So I got up, peered out the window and looking across to Wester Ross I realised that it wasn't water I was looking at but clouds hanging over the sea! I was indeed looking at a haag and cloud inversion! In lightning speed I pulled on the clothes and grabbed the camera stuff and disappeared off in the car, not knowing how long the phenomenon would last.

I had missed the actual sunrise, but the sun was still low enough in the sky to leave some colour on the horizon as it reflected off the haag.

After getting the few photos above, I moved on to Kilt Rock Waterfall, with perfect lighting for capturing the views across the cliffs. Normally buzzing with tourists the place was pleasantly quiet, just a few people were there who had got up early enough to enjoy the spectacle.

Unlike the previous days where it had been fairly blustery, there was almost no breeze at all, leaving great reflections in the small loch by the waterfalls car park:

I then moved on up to the Quiraing range again, with a desire to capture the views of the haag from much higher up.

I sat watching the view for a long time, just taking in the quiet, peaceful environment, enjoying the special moments that such opportunities bring - no pressures, no rush, no noise, just the calling Ravens and the wind.

It was time then to return to the cottage, capturing a great view of a small fishing vessel leaving the haag as it returned to port.