The Talisker Bay sunset - Isle of Skye

This was the third morning where the previous two had been very early rises. The weather forecast predicted a cloudy start to the day and so I decided not to set the alarm and get some needed rest. However being woken just before sunrise and Willow our dog starting to whine as she needed the 'bathroom' I got up to take her outside. I was confronted with a sky full of pastel colours pending the sunrise and hastily returned to grab the camera!

This was a pleasant unexpected start to the day, but only lasted a short while before cloud and mist moved in and clothed the landscape in grey, hiding what had gone before.

The grey overcast weather resulted in a lazy rest of the morning, but eventually we made a move and headed to Talisker Bay on the south west side of the island.  As we headed south down the island the low cloud and mist soon cleared and left bright, clear, sunny weather resulting in a super afternoon.

We decided to make Talisker Bay the next sunset photo shoot. Firstly however, I drove back to Sligachan to leave some of the family at the hotel for them to get a meal, while also getting some more photos on the way and then heading back to the bay with my son Joshua!

Sligachan is a great location and the planned start point for a hike later next week:

Returning to the bay, the sunset met every expectation.

After the sun disappeared below the horizon it gave a chance to try out some long exposure shots, with the black rocks giving a very dramatic feel to the water's edge.

Once again it was time to be heading back, this time to pick up the rest of the family before driving back to the cottage. On the return route the moon (which had been a full moon earlier in the day) started to appear from behind the clouds and created a fitting end to the adventure!