The Quiraing sunrise - Isle of Skye

Another day, another sunrise! This time it was to be the Quiraing mountain range, and an early rise again - 4.30am, much more reasonable than the previous 3.00am!

Arriving at the car parking area, it became obvious that we needed to get to a high point on the ridge to get a decent view of the sunrise. This entailed a reasonable length walk along a narrow path which eventually led to an ideal spot for getting different views of the rising sun.

Once again it was a privilege to be here at this particular moment in time to enjoy the spectacle.

As time went on, the light changed with the sun casting streaks across the sky, and bathing the mountains on the horizon in a pink/orange glow.

It was time to move on, and make the return trek to the car, getting great views of the Quiraing ridge in the process.

But it wasn't quite over yet! Driving back to the cottage and looking over to Wester Ross (the north western tip of the Scottish mainland), the bright white light of the sun cast a blueish haze over the mountains and was a fine end to a great start to the day.