Winter wonderland - Glen Affric (Dec 2017)

When visiting the Highlands of Scotland I inevitably will schedule a trip to my favourite glen, Glen Affric that is situated west of Inverness and runs through the Kintail mountains.

This turned out to be an extra special trip after having had significant snow fall around the time. The journey itself once we reached the base of the Glen near Cannich promised to be interesting with ice and snow on the roads which only got worse as we ascended the single lane road heading for the last car park up near Loch Affric. The scenery was amazing, trees were coated in white, as their branches hung with snow, and created a true winter wonderland experience.


As we progressed further up the glen, we passed Loch Beinn A Mheadhoin, which grabbed our attention and immediately paused the journey, due to the mirror like reflections from the total stillness of the air over the loch.

We eventually made it to the car park after a close miss with a snow plough, and an unplanned slide manoeuvre onto a narrow wooden bridge that was covered in snow. The views were amazing. This was Willow's first major snow experience and she loved every moment.

With the Scottish daylight hours being so short during winter months, we decided to stay around for sunset, and headed off up the side of the glen in search of a suitable location for further photos.

It was then time to start heading back to the car, catching a photo of Loch Affric in the fading light of dusk.

This photo below was taken after we returned to the car park with the moon rising higher in the sky after sunset.

With it being a clear night, we decided to stop again at the loch that had such cool reflections earlier in the day. A great opportunity to test out some night time long exposure photos.

That brought the end to a super day. Just leaving a careful journey back down the snow laden roads to return back to the family.