My earliest memories of photography date back to when I was young. Recollections of those evenings when the kitchen was blacked out as my dad was developing his own photos, and that big day when he moved into colour developing. Those were the good old days of film photography!


Photography was very much part of growing up in my family. Every special event was recorded by my dad as we went through the different stages of life from children to adults, and then getting married and having children and now grand-children. To this day my parents' house has walls and shelves hosting the photographic memories of their ever expanding family, with their four sons all now married, and my wife and I with two grand-daughters as well.

So it seemed a natural thing for me to grow to love photography as well. 


From a young age I've had a keen interest in nature and particularly bird life, which over the years has grown into an appreciation of the wonders of our natural world; its wildlife and the amazing scenery that surrounds us. Photography is a tool that over time has sharpened my focus on this world from the smallest flowers and insects hidden in a hedgerow, to the expanse of the starry night sky. 


For me photography has become a pursuit of capturing those special moments around us that can so often go unseen or unnoticed. It's bringing to others attention that there is a natural world outside our door that every day can be like a canvas displaying a new painting. Endeavouring to create a new perspective as we look at those same things with different eyes. 

So as this web site content grows, I hope it will help you look at our world in a new way and that you too will grow to appreciate even more the creation that we are part of.



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