Autumn's Carpet and Canopy

With Autumn in full swing I really wanted to visit Burnham Beeches before the leaves had left all the trees. Burnham Beeches is a national nature reserve providing one of the best examples of ancient woodland in the UK. Many of the beech and oak pollards are more than 400 years old. 

With the sun finally breaking through the clouds after a very grey morning, off I went with the camera and a theme in my mind of the type of photos I wanted to capture; focussing primarily on the coloured carpet of leaves and the canopy of autumnal yellows and browns.

I started at the southern edge of the reserve and traced a large circuit that brought back memories of years ago when I used to run regularly through these woods with a good friend. A route that we affectionately called the 'Ravine Run' as the latter part of the run had a very steep section.

The lighting was excellent throughout the visit. The low autumn sun casting its light through the trees and creating a glow of yellow and orange colours through the woods.

It seemed like I had chosen the perfect weekend. There was so much colour both when looking up and looking down.

This photo below was taken looking up into the canopy of colour using a different approach to taking the shot!

The final photo below was approaching the end of the walk, after climbing up the 'ravine' section of the old run I used to do; looking back at the tree canopy.