Early Morning Moments

I've long considered that the best part of the day is early morning! So while spending time here in North Wales I've been looking for the appropriate chance to get out for sunrise. Setting alarms for 4.15am and 5.30am on occasion turned out to be cloudy mornings and resulted in a change of plans .... returning to bed!

However one particular morning soon after sunrise when noticing how calm it was, I decided to grab my stuff and head off in the car to get some early morning moments in this very scenic location.

The first couple of photos below are different perspectives looking across Llyn Nantlle Uchaf (Upper Nantlle Lake): a lake in the Nantlle Valley down below where we were staying. This was taken as the sun light was breaking through the clouds across the mountains in the background:

After seeing the reflections on the lake, I headed up the valley to try and get across to Llyn Gwynant while the light was still good, hoping that the lake would still be calm - unlike earlier in the week.

The following photos are a selection of what I saw and once again made a worthwhile trip out: