Sunset from the slopes of the Quiraing - Isle of Skye

Some of the best moments of photography are the unpredictable ones. This particular day had been one of low cloud over the mountains, rain, and generally grey, overcast weather. A contrast to the previous week that had provided so much good weather. Yet as the evening went on, there were signs of some breaks in the skies to the north, and evidence of high altitude cloud (the type the generates great sunsets!).

Atmospheric photos can come from changeable conditions, so I decided to take the chance and head out in the car up to the Quiraing ridge. On arrival, getting somewhere high would provide the best vantage point and so I started the ascent of the slopes of the Quiraing. Finding a sheltered section from the wind, I settled down and admired the view, although at that particular stage there wasn't any promise of much happening!

The views to the west did show some light behind the clouds, and as I looked more closely I was certain I could make out a line of blue in the distance, like the edge of a weather front. If that was the case, it meant that the sun would soon appear to spread its light across the upper moorland, so I waited...

...sure enough, eventually the sun crept from under the clouds and started to transform the scenery as it cast its glow across the landscape.

By this time the wind had died down a bit, and I just sat and enjoyed the changing light as the sun continued to descend below the mountain line.

But the best was yet to come! The high altitude clouds that I mentioned earlier were still present and as the sun continued to set the colour display started, accentuated by the stormy clouds that were blowing across the mountain ridge.

Even the sheep enjoyed the view!

It was definitely the best place to be at that moment in time as I just watched the horizon light up with colours.

Soon further cloud was blown across the mountains obscuring the view and signalling it was time to descend to the car. It was another one of those moments of being glad for the prompting to get out and 'see what happened' with the weather. 

To finish off the day, the skies cleared an hour or two later and provide a great opportunity to get a few photos of the night sky above where we were staying. A fitting end to the day, and ready for bed!