seven sisters

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

With the combination of a supermoon and lunar eclipse occurring this September (2015), I was determined to get a record of the event even if it meant a long journey to a location that would be cloudless over night. In the end I only had to travel down to the south coast near the Seven Sisters cliffs to view the spectacle, bringing along my son for company. It was definitely worth the travel and lack of sleep. Waiting for the sunrise the next morning nicely wrapped up the adventure:

During the eclipse the night sky seemed extra dark with great views of the stars and Milky Way.

After watching the eclipse we then moved onto a better location to watch the sunrise. With the eclipse well over, the moon cast its silvery light across the English Channel.

Beachy Head Lighthouse just before the sun rose above the horizon.

A final shot as the adventure came to a close, as the warm golden hour sun lit up the South Downs Way.