Tarn Hows Sunrise

One of my goals while up in the Lake District this week was to get up for sunrise photography, weather permitting! The forecast didn't look too hopeful for today, but after checking the cloud movements on one of my weather apps the night before, I decided that there was a faint possibility of some sun first thing in the morning. So the early alarm was set and before dawn I was off to Tarn Hows; one of my favourite spots in the Lakes.

When I eventually completed the ascent up to Tom Heights, I was rewarded with seeing a slither of cloudless sky on the horizon which started to glow as dawn broke, and the potential for a decent sunrise lay before me - it was going to be worth the effort getting there.

As the sun started to rise it, the sky took on some great colours

It only lasted a few minutes before the sun disappeared behind the clouds, but during those moments the surrounding scenery was bathed in golden colours of the new day.

Heading back to the car under the grey cloudy sky, no one would have guessed what a stunning sunrise had just occurred.