Welcome to 2016

After seeing in the new year and noticing that we had clear skies it seemed appropriate to take the opportunity to get some night sky photos.

It was only after reviewing the shots in detail on the computer that I realised that I had captured the aurora borealis in the corner of one of them!

The photo was taken around 1.00am and soon over it clouded over.

However, as I got ready for some sleep (after 2.00am) I noticed the skies had cleared again. Having never seen the aurora borealis before I decided the sleep could wait and went out with Joshua to see if we could get some better views. We were not disappointed!

Time to grab a few hours sleep after setting the alarm for getting up to watch the first sunrise of the year.

Before heading back I noticed a flock of Knot huddled together on the shoreline as the tide started to come in.

A perfect start to the year!